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Tony Lombardo

Photo: Katherine W. Kehrli

Tony joined the winery in early 2012. He is a graduate of the Center for Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla and additionally earned a Viticulture Certificate from WSU in Prosser, WA. To say that Tony, also a graduate of Willamette Law School, who practiced law for 25 years, has found his true passion is an understatement. During his winemaking education and after graduation in 2009 Tony was involved not only in winemaking but many other aspects of the business of wine. At Kana, he focuses on what he loves to do most: shape great wines. He feels, as does winery owner Palmer, that 90% of winemaking is done in the vineyard and that it is imperative to interact with Kana’s growers and walk the vineyards on a regular basis during the growing season.