Love Wine? Join the Club.

Ask about our wine club in Yakima, WA

Sipping wine with your friends and loved ones is a fun bonding experience. Kana Winery in Yakima, Washington loves bringing people together with common interests, which is why we created our wine club. As part of our wine club, you'll have access to exclusive events, membership discounts and first-priority release party tastings. You'll also receive two wine shipments each year (spring-summer and fall-winter) with four bottles of your choice in each shipment.

Ready to save money on your favorite wines? Sign up today.

Being a member comes with benefits

Being a member comes with benefits

There's nothing better than saving money on things you love. Our wine club membership comes with jaw-dropping benefits that will help you save money on your favorite wines.

We offer membership discounts for our wine club members. By joining, you'll receive...

  • 10% off each bottle you purchase
  • 15% off anywhere from six to 11 bottles
  • 20% off a purchase of 12 bottles or more

Our wine club is completely free to join with a credit card on file. We welcome in-state and out-of-state members. Find out more today by calling 509-453-6611.